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This archive is a collection of card strategies and pointers to interesting articles provided by various members of the Netrunner community. Much of the original material came from a series of "Card of the Day" postings by Chris Wagner (Foolkiller), thus the strange name for such a group of articles. Since his first article others have contributed their own strategy content.

If you have a strategy tip to add, especially for a card with nothing listed here, send me a message and get it added to the database. I could also use some help finding links to interesting articles elsewhere on the web (like I did with Sandstorm and Scaldan to kick things off) so if you find something that seems relevant, please send me the URL and I'll link it up.

Corporation Articles Runner Articles
City Surveillance
Closed Accounts
Food Fight
Haunting Inquisition
Jenny Jett
Newsgroup Taunting
Omniscience Foundation
On-Call Solo Team
Overtime Incentives
Roving Submarine
Security Purge
Access to Kiribati
Code Viral Cache
Cortical Cybermodem
Hunt Club BBS
Mystery Box
Pile Driver
Poisoned Water Supply
Record Reconstructor
Skeleton Passkeys
Startup Immolator
The Shell Traders
The Short Circuit
Top Runners Conference
Viral Pipeline