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Install cost: 3 Set(s) Limited
Strength: 4 Rarity: Uncommon
MU: 1 Artist: Todd Wade
(0): Break ice subroutine. (1): +1 strength. Using Dropp ends your run.


Should say, "0*: Break all subroutines of a piece of ice, and end the run." Delete the rules text "Using Dropp ends your run."


Dropp™ cannot be used with Startup Immolator since using Dropp™ ends the run.

Card of the Day

Written by Foolkiller

Dropp is a member of a family of emergency programs. It is closely related to Speed Trap and Emergency Self-Construct in its general function (keeping the Runner alive when they hit something they weren't ready for). Dropp, however, goes one step further and provides a useful strategic tool for the Runner. Lets consider both aspects of the card.

Drop is very handy for avoiding ICE routines that would otherwise do you harm for any of several reasons. You could be low on bits when you hit a Liche with Shaka; or maybe Jenny Jett just threw a Colonel Failure up in front of you that wasn't there a minute ago; or maybe your sentry breaker crapped out and you decided to push your luck (i.e. Forward's Legacy came up a one). No matter what the condition, Dropp can break any type of ICE routine for free in most cases. Crystal Palace Station Grid makes even Dropp expensive, but most of the time its a nice, cheap way to save your hide.

But wait, there's more...

Dropp can be used as an aggressive tool. If you are planning on targeting a specific fort (say HQ) you can use Dropp to run R&D, Archives or other forts, forcing the Corp to rez ICE which won't necessarily be of great help to them. If they catch on to what you are doing they still only have two choices:

  1. Play along and rez all the ICE, leaving fewer bits to rez ICE on the fort you really want.

  2. Refuse to give in and leave their other forts open while they save bits to protect the fort you really want into.

Either way you win.

Including Dropp in a deck is never a really a bad idea unless you know for certain that you won't need it. There are many decks that Dropp doesn't have much effect with, such as Code Gate-only decks, or no-ice decks, etc.. But when you find a Corp that keeps rezzing Liches and Data Nagas, you can really benefit from having the extra escape route.

One other little benefit is that it allows you to run very early. If the Corp can't afford big ICE, you pass it. If they rez little harmless ICE you can cut through it. If they pull a Cinderella out of their hat in the first couple of turns before you have a link or Fall Guy, Dropp will get you out safe for a mere 3 bits. And if the Corp is busy rezzing ICE for no other reason than to prevent you from cutting through its forts for free, they don't have bits to do anything else.

Dropp is a nice tool to include in your stacks, but in the end it won't do anything by itself to help you win. You must either use it to your advantage, or just let it sit to the side keeping you feeling warm and fuzzy while you go about getting fully ready.