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Classic arcade action for a new generation, Pythentene is Super-Python-Enhanced Serpentine 2011!

Battle for survival across 25 levels like we did in the early 80's. You'll pick up the gameplay quickly -- expect to have a hard time putting it down!


The current version is available here:

At the moment the project is hosted at and you can clone the source tree using Mercurial. The production media source is here.


I would love to hear from you, after you play please take a 4-minute survey, thanks!


Q: The screen is tiny, can this game look better?
A: Please hit [esc] then [up arrow] and set high-resolution graphics to match your machine. Fullscreen is good too.

Q: What do the eggs do?
A: From the instructions (you did read the instructions right?), "eggs eventually hatch unless they are eaten first".

Q: Is it intended that I be able to peg snakes by hitting them in the side of the head?
A: Yes, this tricky move is new with Serpentine 2011 and adds a lot of fun, try it!