Netrunner GameTracker

Here's a little tool you might find helpful if you're playing Netrunner on IRC. I'll let Jack Montgomery, the author, tell the story:

   "This was written and intended for use over
    IRC NetRunner games. It has features including
    tracking for Bits, Agenda, Hardware, Subsidiary
    Data forts, HQ, R&D, tags, MU's, Resources,
    counters, and even has a dice roller (in
    case BitBot fails)."

Here's a screen shot if you want to see it before you download it. It's no Java client/server app but it sure beats a pencil and paper -- and it might just save your life! GameTrak requires Win32 (Windows 95 or WFW+something else) AFAIK.

Download, unzip, enjoy!

 My thanks to Jack. Contact me at if you've got content I can host! Updated 19 July 97.